Writing for hire: Give me a subject, I’ll give you a document. I’ve written nonfiction features, newsletters, reports, speeches, and testimony for a wide range of clients. I charge by the word, by the project, or by the hour.

See samples of my work online at these links:
The Mystery Bookstore
2002-2003 Survey on Community Involvement for The Financial Services Roundtable (PDF)
Testimony of the North Carolina Commisioner of Banks on behalf of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (PDF)
"Debit Cards: The Future is Now," Community Banker magazine, February 2001 (PDF)

Coaching: If you need your own personal writing instructor, I can read your work and help you make it better.

Book or Script Doctoring: If you need less than a ghost-writer but more than an editor, turn your manuscript over to me and tell me what you want.

Editing: I’ll clean up your grammar, reorganize your arguments, and cut your text to fit any purpose.

I’ll check your spelling, correct your punctuation, find missing words and make any other changes necessary before your manuscript sees the light of day.

Research and Fact-checking: Let me put my vast network of sources and my photographic memory to work for you.

In theory, I charge $40/hour for research, editing and proofreading, and $75/hour for writing, coaching and more sophisticated consulting work. In practice, the lines between these services blur quickly, so I prefer to set a flat fee with clients at the beginning of a project. For more information, please read the FAQ section or email me.

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