"Clair Lamb is a most excellent editor, highly proficient in all crafts of the field from the simplest kinds of proofreading down to the strictest and subtlest analyses of structure, plot and character -- in short, she performs admirably all the tasks that the editor at your publishing house should but won't (or, sadly, can't). I consider myself lucky to have worked with her."

--Scott Phillips, author, Cottonwood

“It's real simple: Clair Lamb is a world class editor. She has a rapier intellect, an architect's eye for detail, and poise when the problems are challenging. And she has one more quality which is THE most important one in the writing business -- she cares about my work as much as I do. So when I finish a novel or screenplay, Clair is the first person I call."

--Kent Harrington, author of Dia de los Muertos and Red Jungle


“As I say in the acknowledgements to The Startup Garden, ‘Ellen Lamb parachuted in at the end of this project to provide research and feedback that proved key to my finishing this book.’ When I write something that matters to me, I always need Ellen to read it and respond. And it helps that she’s read more books than you could find in a good-sized library.”

--Tom Ehrenfeld, author and business consultant

"Ellen Lamb is particularly good at cutting through jargon to the heart of the argument. She can explain the most complex subjects in the simplest language."

--Doyle C. Bartlett, Founding Partner, Bartlett Bendall LLC

“As a screenwriter, I rely on Ellen to proof hundreds of pages of documents. I'm always impressed by her thoroughness, her attention to detail and her sensitivity to language. She catches issues, errors and elements I never even notice or consider... Her capabilities give me great peace of mind in knowing that my documents and scripts are ‘clean.’”

--Deidre Sullivan, screenwriter and author


"Few people with an eye for detail can also see the big picture. From Strunk & White to Raymond Chandler, Clair has it covered."

--Theresa Schwegel, author, OFFICER DOWN

2004-2005 Clients

Writing and research
Bartlett Bendall LLC
Beacon Entertainment/Warner Brothers
The Conference of State Bank Supervisors
The Financial Services Roundtable
Grant Thornton LLP
Kate’s Mystery Books
Susan Kinsolving
Mojo Films
The Mystery Bookstore
Wellspring Consulting

Editing and Proofreading
Mikki Ansin, Between Takes (in progress)
Arthur Coburn, Boys Will Be Boys… Mostly (in progress)
Kent Harrington, Red Jungle
John Theofanis, Funny Man (in progress)
Screenplays by Richard Cohen, Gary Fleder, and Deidre Sullivan

Answer Girl
Ellen Clair Lamb
P. O. Box 921
Gardiner, ME 04345