The Answer Girl blog is an online journal I began in July 2004. The first year, “You Talking to Me?” chronicled my move from Los Angeles to Gardiner, Maine, with daily quotations from movies and suggestions for ways to use these quotations in regular conversation.

“You Talking to Me?” ended on July 31, 2005. I am currently reorganizing those quotations into book form, and hope to publish some version of that within the next year.

The blog’s new incarnation, beginning on September 1, 2005, is “Terms of Art.” Each day the blog will define a piece of jargon from a given discipline – law, medicine, music, cooking, physics, filmmaking, computer science, or anything else that requires specialized knowledge. Suggestions for phrases or specialized terms are most welcome; please e-mail your ideas to me at

The blog never includes any confidential information about my current projects or clients. Comments are always welcome, but I ask that you keep them brief and clean. Thanks!

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